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Running A Clean Motel

Published / by Irene Marchesi

A motel is a very important place of rest in any town or city. It is where most people come to when they need a break or when they need a stop for a night when they are on a road trip. Therefore, if you own a motel, it is important that you run a very clean motel. The popular opinion is that most motels are not clean and prone to giving infections and spreading diseases. Therefore, you have to ensure that you run a clean motel. The aim of this article is to give you some tips on how you can run a clean motel. Here are some tips you can use.

Check the Place Regularly

It is important that you check the place regularly. This means that you should conduct things like termite inspection Sydney CBD quite often so that your motel will be rid of all these things. If your motel catches a bad case of pests, you might have a big problem which may even cause you to shut down the motel. Therefore, you have to ensure that you check the place regularly.

Clean the Rooms Properly
It is impossible that you clean the rooms properly all the time. Even if they are not being used, it is important that you clean them. For an instance, you will need to go for expensive things like cockroach control unless you keep the place clean. Furthermore, every time someone comes and uses your motel and leaves, it is important that you clean the rooms and the washrooms before the next person uses it. These are basic hygiene requirements and therefore, you must follow them. To view more about pest control, please visit

Hire Cleaning People

Depending on the size of your motel, it is important that you hire cleaning people to keep the place clean. If you feel like it is not something that you can do on your own, ensure that you hire the right kind of people to clean the motel. Ensure that they are inspected and that they do what they are supposed to be doing. This way you will not have to worry about anything.

Have Separate Staff for the Various Jobs

It is also important that you have separate staff for the various jobs. This way the cleaning people will not be cooking and vice versa. Not only will this be easy for you to handle, it will also ensure that the job is done properly. Ensure that you do this. When hiring, ensure that they have the relevant experience from the relevant department so that they will not be wasting time.

How To Keep Your House Safe

Published / by Irene Marchesi


There are many ways we can keep our house safe for ourselves and others. Safety is a primary concern and it should apply to everyone and everything.  Any damage or burglary can be a big problem and huge loss for homeowners and may be even worse when you have no insurance. Here’s a list of ways to keep your house safe.

Keep doors and windows locked

Keep all your doors and windows locked. Even if you’re going out for a few minutes you should lock everything because houses can be robbed in seconds. Make sure all windows are locked too, even if they are high up. Most thieves and burglars could easily climb and access most windows. So be sure to have all windows and doors locked.

Have an Alarm system and CCTV

CCTV installation is quite easy these days and you should have one install one to monitor the house. Some people use CCTV’s to cover the whole house but usually the front door and entry points would be enough.  Surveillance cameras Brisbane has been growing in popularity and has been becoming cheaper. Further in case of a break in CCTV footage can be invaluable to identify the thieves.

Alarm systems are useful to alert everyone in the house in case of a break in or to alert bystanders. There are alarm systems that alert the authorities when there’s a break in and that’s useful when no one’s at home or when everyone’s away. Alarm system Gold Coast, Mumbai, Hong Kong are some cities where it can be easily purchased. Look at here now if you are looking for best security systems.

Have lights

Have light fitted that switch on at specific times and illuminates certain places. Further security lights can be installed at the front door and the garden that light on when a person approaches. This can deter thieves and burglars. Some light can also be triggered remotely to illuminate any part of the house from wherever you are.

Don’t keep valuables out in the open or near windows

Keeping valuables in the open and near windows basically invites thieves and burglars to steal. Someone could easily reach across and grab things and this happens quite often. Keep everything valuable locked in a safe or away from the windows and eye view of anyone.

Don’t advertise your absence

In case you’re leaving the house for a few days don’t make it look like you are leaving because thieves may plan to break in to your house after you leave. Keep all alarm systems on don’t make a big deal of leaving or broadcast or to everyone. It will be useful to get your neighbour to check the house from time to time and collect the mail.


Aligning Your College Courses With Career Goals

Published / by Irene Marchesi

When you are picking your college courses you should always have a plan of what you hope to do with it afterwards. A part of this decision should be based on following your passion and doing something you enjoy. However, this is not the only thing that needs to be taken into account. You have to also think about the employability rate of the college courses you are taking, to make sure that you are equipping yourself with the skills required to find a good job. Look at the job trends that are out there to make sure that you pick a field that is not becoming obsolete. Another place you can go for this information is a college counsellor who will help you pick an avenue that fits both your passion and your career goals. Having said that, we have also made a list of some fields that have a promising future for web developer jobs that you can peruse.

Working on the internet

A lot of millennial prefer doing jobs on the internet. IT is a very promising field that you can enter. If you like this area you can look at digital jobs that are available out there and see if any of them take your fancy. This will require a combination of creativity and technical know how, so once you decide what you want to do you can pick college courses that equip you with the skills that you will need.

Following your passion for art

If you are the creative and artistic type you can use this skill and make a really good income by aiming for graphic design jobs. Being an artist can be a very touch and go profession to get into because it’s subjective and you might struggle to get people to buy your work. However, graphic designing is a very good compromise for a person with such an ambitions because you will be using the same skill set, but catering to a market that has very high demand.                                                                  

Programming and entrepreneurship

If you have a knack for computers you should take coding and other programming courses that will help you become an app developer. Combine this with a few entrepreneurship lessons so that you can learn how to develop and market your apps and other social media platforms.  A lot of the largest companies in the world are based on a product of this nature, which should give you an idea of the potential for success in this field. It should also illustrate the benefit of developing some keen business instincts.

Memory Marketing

Published / by Irene Marchesi

It’s no secret that advertising has become such a large part of our modern life that it is practically inescapable. The constant push for our attention has become so great that in many cases, we gloss over it and stop realizing just how much of what we see is selling us something. Every effort is made to keep the brand in our minds after we’ve seen the promotion, making sure we’re thinking about it as much as possible. On the one hand, simply making sure we are being conscious of being advertised to can empower us. On the other hand, one of the more devious tricks of marketing can make this self awareness harder to maintain.

I work in the same places in the Sydney CBD most days of the week, and so the trip from home to work, including a few specific stations, landmarks and streets is one I take a lot. As a result, I see advertising billboards in the same place, every day. Places you visit constantly stick in your mind, and if you see the same wall covered with the same image every time, it’s bound to stick. This placement of ads almost kills three birds with one stone for the agencies. They’re usually in places with high traffic to maximize their exposure, you see it every day… and you end up thinking about them even when you’re not seeing it. This memory integration is a powerful tool for advertising agencies Melbourne since a constant, ingrained image of a product or service linked to your daily routine is harder for us, as consumers, to defend against.

The current rise in ‘human billboard’ use plays on the very same principals. Is the content different? Is the service improved? No, the actual information given is no different to any other ad for the same product, and the ‘human’ element is simply a mute pair of legs attached to the board, but it creates a striking image. I can walk past posters for clubs and bar openings countless time and (almost) completely ignore them, but show me a group of posters walking around on colored morph-suits a few times and I’ll know the name of the place for quite a while.

There is still, however, the defense of simply being consciously aware of all this. Again, this is not an easy feat (and in an ideal world it wouldn’t be necessary) but it is one of the more effective things we can do as individuals. Check yourself when you’re considering switching banks, or mobile plans, or about to upgrade something you already have. Have you seen this brand a lot recently? Would you have done this two months ago? What are the specific reasons you’re buying this item for? If you’re happy with these answers then go ahead, and congratulations… you’ve just used marketing as a tool to help your decision making process, rather than let it make the decision for you.

Fitness Management In Australia

Published / by Irene Marchesi

Smart techniques are needed to be involved to run a campaign for social media marketing. Despite of posting comments and mostly generic tips of fitness, it should be your aim to utilize the social media to pay the clients. This kind of investment will provide you with the powerful and trustworthy tools for social media marketing in the field fitness business.

Some tips are here for building up your platform in fitness management via social media:

•    Fitness articles can be uploaded on your social media site: Various articles and blogs about exercise, proper diet, and recovering injuries, sports training, building up muscle, losing weight and much more can be uploaded or posted. This effort as well as all your tips and advice will be appreciated by your members. There you will get another chance that your posts may get shared with others and it may become popular in the world of digital marketing. This can be a great platform to build up a brand, also can add value to your service, and generate potential members.
•    The success of your members is to be celebrated: First you should get to know about the demands of your members. Then you can talk to your trainers about their clients, and you’ll definitely find a number of people who have been working hard to achieve their personal goals like weight loss, winning a competition, etc. The day you get well known about these little victories, the success of your social media members can be celebrated. This will not only bring you appreciation, but also will help you enhance your fitness business on social media.
•    On social media sites you need to share your photos: Take photos of your members and trainers while they are in action, which you can share on social media sites. Sharing pictures can be proved to be one of the most popular activities on social media and it can provide you with thousands times faster promotion than any other medium. You can also share your videos on social media that will bring you popularity.
•    You need to keep in touch with your members: All you need is to stay in touch with your members. By sending them a monthly email or newsletter with information about upcoming events, classes, new equipments or articles about trainer and employee, you can communicate them on regular basis. You can serve them even a reminder to get them to the gym. This will definitely be liked and appreciated too by your members.
•     Introduce yourself as ‘YOU’, not via your service: After you get engaged with your clients, as specifically YOU, a professional expert, you will be able bringing more people to you, who will love to work with you and share their experience with friends. So be personal, but still you need to stay professional.
•     Make connections with bloggers in your industry: You need to become good friends with many a bloggers in the industry. Therefore, when you will have a post with killer contents, they will build up their linking to the post at once.

What we desire at the end of the day, is more value on social media, more links and a more improved business. So these tips will definitely help you to build up a successful Fitness business.