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The 3 Kinds Of Hair Treatment You Should Get Depending On Your Hair Type

Published / by Irene Marchesi

Many may not have realized it, but hair also comes in different types just like how our skin also comes in different types. Like skin, our mane can also be damaged due to a variety of external factors. Too much exposure from dust, heat (from the sun) and pollution can cause mane to become dry, dull and damaged.Damaged hair comes with either too many split-ends, flyaways and basically unruly mane. This prompts us to seek the best hair salon Sydney out there to get it treated and give our mane its best glow and natural smoothness. However, since we have different types of mane, the kind of treatment it receives should be specifically addressed to that type. Below are the 3 main types of mane and what you should get to have it treated right:

  • Curly Hair
    If women with straight hair struggle to keep those strands and locks in place, the struggle is very much real for women with curly mane too. For those who really want to see an end to their curly days, getting a rich keratin hair treatment Sydney (Trisolla Plus) is the answer. However, if you simply want to manage and improve your natural curls, use a conditioner that is rich in natural oils. Apply styling gel (or styling cream) afterwards to help minimize pouf and frizz. The key here is to make use of creamy products to keep those gorgeous locks flowing and frizz-free.
    • Damaged Hair
      Damaged hair is not just caused by heat and pollution, but it can also be caused by excessive straightening, perming and coloring. It would take time for your mane to recover, but it can be done with regular use of shampoo and conditioner. Make sure that the products you choose are targeted for damaged mane (like mane repair shampoos and creams). These products can help give your mane more strength and flexibility. Air drying and blow drying your mane (at the lowest heat) can also help manage your damaged mane and give it a break from excessive salon treatments.
      • Dry Hair
        Dry hair is also prone to breakage, frizz and split ends. Like dry skin, the solution to dry hair is to moisturize! Use moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner that are made from natural oils. You can also opt to use leave-on conditioners and lather them richly at the tips of your mane. Just make sure you rinse it right away after 5 to 10 minutes. A Keratin treatment (Cezanne) can also help eliminate damaged strands from dry