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The Best Landscaping Service To Fit Your Needs!

Published / by Irene Marchesi

Responsibilities of Any Landscape Contractor

A landscaping contractoramazingly executes garden, lawn, and alsohardscaping plans which have already been charted out by landscape architects or designers. They also provide you with design services that too on their own. Once the landscapes have beenbeautifullyinstalled, the engaged landscape gardeners are capable of maintaining plantings, making adjustments, taking care of weeds, killing pests, and performing other important tasks for keeping the whole scheme look best. An eminent, licensed landscape contractor will surely possess detailed and an enriched knowledge of weather as well as climate trends and will set things, according to the weather conditions. They will also pick only those plants and essential materials which match perfectly with that very area. Just like builders the landscape contractors who indulge into beautifying residential areas handle most of the same usual duties like hiring subcontractors, gathering construction permits and supervising the designs which suit the structure of the buildings. 

Know about Us!

One of the most renowned landscaping contractors in Australia is Excavation who performs all their building duties most efficiently. We are a team of experienced professionals who deliver their services with utmost satisfaction. Each of our employees is well-trained and own expertise in dealing with landscape constructions. The firm Excavation Box Hill enjoys the experience of sixteen long years and we truly take pride in catering quality services. Be it a huge commercial job or just a small domestic one we serve you with entire sincerity and our motto is to receive you solutions that will fulfill all your requirements.

The List of Services We Provide

We, civil construction companies Perth, provide a number of services which will make you feel more confident about hiring us. We possess not only the skills, but also equipped to deliver each of the following services efficiently.


• Horse riding arenas

• Rock retaining walls

• Man constructed creeks, wetlands and dam

• Timber retaining walls


• Removal of rubbish, bulk soil and concrete

• Sheds and house sites leveling

• Land clearing


• Excavating, removing and backfilling swimming pools

• Cutting and rocking driveways

• Trenching

• Site as well as house cuts

• Digging and pouring footings

• Drilling 350, 450 and 600mm diameters of holes

We hold smart equipment like 5.5-tonne excavators and 10 m3 tippers which make our work more satisfactory. Get in touch with us to try our services at least once and we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed at all. Rather you will be entirely pleased with us and will wish to employ us again and again.