Glamour And Camping Has Come A Long Way In Becoming A Prominent Business Model

Gone are the days when camping was for only the tough and adventures at heart. No longer do you need to rough it out in the wild in cold and damp conditions. Today people can camp out in the open with basic facilities or expensive amenities depending on their requirements. This trend that came to be several years ago, has fast become an industry in itself, proving sceptics wrong. Glamping tents for sale and their use are becoming more and more common. The term refers to glamour and camping. This focuses on giving travelers the option of camping or enjoying the outdoors with the added comforts of a hotel. There are of course different levels to this trend, ranging from simple to opulent. Though many people thought the trend will fade away it has shown tremendous strength and seems to be going stronger. Let’s look at some of the reasons for its growth and demand.

  • Recession: this was a hard time for all of us. Many people avoided spending on luxuries and many overseas travelers that took vacations as a means of relaxation and fun avoided it altogether. However camping offered a way around this. People started looking at affordable amenities when it came to vacations and this is what this camping method offered.
  • Unrest and war: terrorism and political turmoil has made it difficult for people to safely travel to other countries for vacations. Hostility and other issues have made people look for rest and recreation at home locations giving rise to staycations which refers to stay home vacations. This has made the renting of luxury tents increase to a greater degree. These tents come with amenities so you can vacation in relative comfort.
  • Popular culture endorsements: this trend is fast spreading among the celebrities and royalty as well. Their endorsements and comments have popularized this trend especially among the young generation who wants to experience something new every time. View more here 
  • Connectedness: glamorous camping offers many technological amenities not found in traditional camping. The new generation is looking for ways to stay connected even while they travel and camp outdoors. Therefore this trend is becoming much more popular as it does not cut you out completely from the rest of the world while you camp. Portable devices are easily used in these settings giving them access to stay connected.
  • Focus on wellness: a strong blend in tourism, sustainability, environment and wellness has made this option all the more lucrative for many travelers. Most glamping tours offer health and wellness activities for the body, mind and soul making them a sought after vacation option for many.