How A Sound Proof Window Work

Sound pollution is one of the major types of the pollution and it is increasing every day and especially the people who have houses in the commercial area are a lot disturbed by it because it disturbs their peace and also sleep. Not only in houses but in offices and educational institutes too much of noise from the environment do not allow people to focus. In order to deal with this issue, many manufacturing companies came up with the idea of the sound proof windows and sound proof doors and even noise cancelling rooms but still there are many people who are not familiar with these windows and do not consider these as the best solution.  

Although, many people may suggest that the sound proof is not sound proof. This is somewhat true the sound proof windows do not mean that the sound is completely eliminated and you will hear no sound whatsoever from the outside world and neither the sound of your house will go out. Sound proof technology is actually the sound reduction and the sound is reduced to 90 percent sound reduction and in some cases, it is reduced to 95 percent even. 

Although there are sounds of different frequencies and the higher frequency sounds which are usually the bird chirping are easier to block than the low frequency which are the sound of the traffic. There are sound proof windows which block certain kind of frequencies and when you go to shop any of these then you need to make sure that what frequencies you want. 

The question which still persists is that how do these sound proof windows work and why not the house walls are enough to block the sounds. The walls are the barrier between the ear and the sound but since these walls may not be this much to overcome the sounds therefore the sound comes in and sometimes the windows Tasmania that we use which are not sound proof also let the sound come in even when your house have thick walls. In order to block the sound from the windows, the sound proof windows make use of three basic rules. First is that these make use of thicker glass which helps in stopping the sound and then these increase the space which is actually the air space between the windows and then these use another layer of lamination which could be another glass layer which could glass plastic and this helps in more reduction noise. Another good thing is that these are installed along with your existing windows which means that there are 2 layers of security.