How The Law Changed The World?


A legal system is a fairly common aspect of society nowadays. Usually invisible in daily dealings, the legal system and the law that it provides overlook and supervise every occurrence in an individual’s life. From the breakfast they purchase from a store, to the parking ticket they pay for their vehicle, seemingly simple daily concerns are all a result of the workings of the law.

The law is an absolute necessity in modern life. The great philosopher Thomas Hobbes was famously of the opinion that man is always in a pursuit for power, and therefore the law is necessary to regulate him. He also went on to highlight how due to this reason, man will fight each other to acquire power, and as such, the law was necessary.

Before laws were established by constitution or by democracy or convention, laws were the will of the emperor, king, or pharaoh. The rulers, especially pharaohs of ancient Egypt, were seen as direct descendants of gods, and as such, their will and their word was the law. Punishment for breaking laws was granted at the ruler’s wish, and there was no real established system of laws.Athens was one of the first cities to introduce democracy, and with it, the representation of the will of the people. Although it was a very limited type of democracy, it introduced the fundamental basics of democracy, and brought forward the idea that the people should have a say in how they are governed and who governs them. Modern-day elections are a reminiscent development of this ancient form of democracy.

Modern law follows the principle that each person is innocent until proven guilty. This is based on the understanding that each man is ‘born free’, and as such cannot be judged or face punishment for any actions until the actions have been proven to have been carried out by him.

Modern-day law has developed into various branches to specialize in many areas. From family lawyers Sydney to corporate lawyers, the legal profession has grown under the establishment of the legal system, to better represent those in need of legal justice, and in turn to ensure that each and every person is protected by the law from any infringement of their rights or liberties.

Lawyers are seen as navigators of the legal system, and whether an individual is in search of a separation lawyers Melbourne or a criminal lawyer to asset their grievances, they are seen as the bridge that connects the average citizen to the legal system, and in turn legal justice.

The law has undoubtedly changed the world, as it is evident that without its conduct and presence, the world will suffer anarchical issues, and with it, create a chaotic precedent.