Mixing It Up – Crossover Campers

The definition of a hybrid, according to the online dictionary, is when “a thing [is] made by combining two different elements”. This made me think about some of the best hybrids life has brought us from the elusive liger, the mixing of a Tiger and a lion to a Zebroid (when you mix a Zebra with a horse) or to the man made hybrid cars that allow us to use electricity and petrol. But for a camper the best hybrid to be thankful for is none other than a crossover camper.

Bringing together functionality and conformability, lightweight towability and relaxing living, crossovers allow you to have the benefits of an easy to tow camper trailer with the benefits of a spacious caravan. Just hook one up to the back of your vehicle and you have a place to call home that will go wherever you go.

The innovation of crossover caravans is best seen when you look at a crossovers chassis and suspension. Browse more camec caravan covers here.

A chassis is the structure to which the suspension is mounted onto, for a good crossover camper finding one with a lightweight chassis and a good spring suspension will allow you to have a smooth and easy towing when the camper is hooked up to the main vehicle. Even better is a crossover camper that has eliminated bump steer so that the trailer stays the course.

In basic talk this means that a trailer that is light enough to tow behind your vehicle on ‘crazy’ off road camp trails but that can also handle those ‘crazy’ bumps and grinds caused by the natural tracks is a good choice.

Think of the steps involved in the set up process for a tent, including all the tools needed to get the tent up, pegs, hammers, cords and string. It could take 10 minutes or longer to set a tent up whereas with the crossover it’s as easy as flip and push. You flip over two clips on the outside of the van and go inside to push up the roof. The easy set up is part of the reason why crossovers are popular for camping trips.

With the ease of a camper trailer and the comfort of a caravan using a crossover RV makes for a really enjoyable and relaxing camping trip. Crossovers come with everything from a bed to a kitchen except a running shower or flushing toilet. But having a sink with running water and a bench inside a camper trailer as well as external cooktop burners makes the camping experience more enjoyable.

By far the best hybrid to see out in the wilderness might not be a Liger or even a Zebroid it could in fact be the comforting sight of a crossover camper with it’s pop-top roof and welcoming interior.

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