Separating Us From The Core Of The Matter

Privacy in the office building doesn’t come easy. There are often too many people walking around, usually with nothing decent on their agenda. Other people are one gear away from running to and fro places, causing ruckus with their harried steps and impatient grumbles. When you’re at the coffee machine you can hear them mumble, ‘stupid meeting, stupid report, stupid lift, stupid mother-in-law, stupid, crap coffee’. If you share cubicles with people you have to pray everyone else is occupied with their own work otherwise you won’t even have five minutes to check an email or watch a music video. There are just no breaks from constant contact with humans, whether it is by touch, sound or eye contact.

If you’re one of those blessed with an actual enclosed office, however, relish it. The walls still aren’t soundproof and people can plainly see what you’re doing but there’s a barrier between you and them so unless you’re completely distracted you can see them coming. These office partitions can be the stuff of dreams for those jammed together like people in a lift. The feeling as if you’re in an aquarium staring at people and being stared at might seem claustrophobic but it’s more like you’re being given some protection from the outside world.

When it comes to interior fit out companies Melbourne, there are several variants. They’re described as ‘enclosed cubicles separated from neighbouring work spaces by walls’. Although this is a vague definition it allows for a lot of types of partitions. The typical office you’ll see in a lawyer television show is a prime example. You can quite clearly see the person or people inside and what they’re doing. However, the cubicle is ‘out of the way’ of the general work area and only accessible by a door. This gives the person freedom to move around and organise their work possessions without fear of being cramped.

Interestingly, you’ve passed through a partition even if you don’t know what it was. Those sliding see-through doors at the entrance of certain buildings? Those are office partitions. Yes, they aren’t restricted to office spaces and cubicles. As long as they are separating parts of the building and can be passed through (without breaking through them, obviously), they are office partitions. For another example, you’ve been to dentists and medical clinics that are inside buildings more often than you care to. Aside from the entrance into the building, once you’ve traversed the corridor and reached your destination, you’ll have reached the business. That’s not the partition. The partition is what separates the foyer from the waiting room, or the waiting room from the operation room. When you next go to have a check-up, keep an eye on these things. You’ll be surprised.

Office partitions are far more common than we think. That just makes them more useful than we care to realise. Check this link if you need a design for your new office fit outs.