Things That Guys Must Never Forget To Take To A Beach


For guys, the beach is the perfect spot to kick back and unwind. It’s a great way to de-stress and really catch up on that personal time that you wanted to for some time now. Even though men do not tend to prepare and pack as much as women do when they hit the beach, there are still a few general essentials that every beach loving guy must never forget to take with them.AttireThe bathing attire that would work for most men are boardshorts. They are comfortable and do not get heavy when wet. They also dry fast and is made of the correct material to help you enjoy your time in the pool or sea. Having the correct attire will really help you enjoy the holiday and sometimes, if you intend to stay back for extended periods of time, it is a wise idea to take along a change of clothes as well so that you will be comfortable.sunnylife towelsFootwearThe perfect type of footwear could be sliders or sandals for men. Heavy and clunky footwear like sneakers and trainers will be really hard to walk on the beach with. Besides, you should ideally walk barefoot on the beach so that you can enjoy the feeling of the fine sand and the waves at the same time. Sliders or sandals can be eaily taken off, require way less space to be packed and can handle the sandy surroundings well. They can also be easily cleaned because they will retain almost little to no sand. AccoutrementsThings like Sunnylife towels, shades and hats are all great accompaniments that you can just throw in a small back pack and carry to the beach. This essentially means that you have everything you need and you are well prepared. Sunscreen Sunscreen is a must when you hit the beach. For anybody. It is the barrier between your skin and the sun that will protect you from skin cancer and nasty sun burns that make you look like you were mauled by a porcupine. You already know how a nasty sun burn hurts and how bad it looks until it has cleared off. Avoid all that extra pain and hassle ad a potentially life threatening skin condition by using a high SPF sunscreen while on the beach.Tank tops or workout t-shirtsBoth tank tops and workout t-shirts are perfect for the beach. Tank tops are comfortable and will not make you sweat. They are also lightweight and is ideal for a casual day at the beach. Workout t-shirts wick sweat away from your body and while some of them might make you feel a little warm they are the next best thing to a tank top.