Varieties And Benefits Of Stone Flooring

If you’re thinking of using tile for your home flooring, you have to remember that it comes in different materials, colours, shapes, textures and sizes. One type of popular material is stone tiles. This natural option can bring simple beauty to your home. Most people are unaware about the variety you get in stone. There are so many advantages you can gain from using stone tiles in your home.

Slate Stone is one type of stone flooring. People tend to confuse slate with quartzite. But quartzite has metallic flecks in it that distinguishes it from other stone types. These types come in a variety of colours and patterns. Most people have misconception about stone thinking that they come in grey tones only. But you will be surprised to see the variety of colours you can find in natural stone. You can create an utterly elegant atmosphere by using stone tiles for your floor.slate bathroom design

Marble and granite are another two types of stone tiles. Marble is more porous out of the two but they both are very durable. You will see them used in counter tops highlighting the minimal simplicity of the space.Sandstone has a variety of colour such as light browns, blues, greens, deep purples and reds.

What’s notable about stone floor tiles is that no two stones are the same. Therefore, you will get a subtle variation in each tile you use producing a very unique look. Another stone you may know is limestone which has a natural elegance to it and used in most landscape projects. They also come in different colours such as yellows, blues, beiges, greys and blacks. To view reviews please visit

Travertine has a very textured surface and they can give a unique look when used for wall tiles. You can fill the pitted surface and seal it when you use it for the floor. As mentioned above, one of the most important benefits of natural stone is the unlimited options you get given their diversity. You can also choose different treatments for the surface such as a gloss surface or a semi-gloss surface. You can also keep it natural.

Stone is a good choice for those living in warm climates because it will keep your feet cool. It can actually be a form of relief. In colder areas, you can use different rugs on the surface. If you suffer from allergies often, you will know that they tend to become more irritated with the presence of a carpet floor. These floors tend to hold in dust and dirt and it can be a whole operation to clean it. But in the case of stone floors, this is not an issue as you can clean stone floors very easily.